Purolator Bargaining Update #5: Had a productive week, looking ahead to June

Last week (May 13-17) your bargaining team held some productive discussions negotiating with Purolator Inc. For the majority of the week, the parties addressed non-monetary issues.

We came to an agreement on a number of issues, some related to:

  • site harmonization
  • layoffs and recall

We also made some general housekeeping changes that will make the collective agreement easier to understand.

During the week we continued to receive from you messages of support and photos of members wearing the "I support my bargaining team" bracelets. We thank you for that and ask those messages to keep coming in! We hope you've seen some of those photos here on the PSAC regional website or PSAC regional Facebook page.

Our next set of bargaining dates begins the week of June 24th. We will be addressing key monetary issues. We will be looking for more signs of support from the membership in the weeks to come.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask the Bargaining Team via email at Purolator-Bargaining@psac-afpc.com.