Purolator Bargaining Update #3: The New Year will bring on your bargaining!

The New Year will bring on your bargaining!

We are still awaiting bargaining dates to be finalized with Purolator Inc.

As soon as dates are set we will notify the membership and ask you to show your support for your bargaining team. We are still working on the package of demands and have not yet exchanged these demands with the employer.

Don’t forget…

Even though the current collective agreement expired on December 31, 2012, you have protections in your collective agreement.

Specifically: Article 23: Duration and Renewal

“23.01 c) All terms and conditions of the present agreement shall remain in effect until the signing of a new Collective Agreement.”

What this means is that until PSAC signs a new agreement with Purolator Inc., your rights per the current collective agreement remains in place.

For more information please contact Purolator-Bargaining@psac-afpc.com, your Coordinating Committee member, or look on-line at http://psacbc.com/employers/purolator.