Commissionaires bargaining update: Union to apply for conciliation

The Local 20500 bargaining team, representing 400 PSAC members employed by the Commissionaires Victoria, the Islands and Yukon, met with the employer the week of August 25 and again the week of September 2 in Victoria.

The team was pleased to see that there was a distinct change in tone and in the approach to bargaining, largely due to the fact that the employer made adjustments to their team since the last meeting in July.

Solid progress was made on many non-monetary items and the employer withdrew or modified most of the concessions which had been on the table since the first bargaining session. Both parties reached agreement on several issues including grievances, job descriptions/post orders, and staffing and signed off on a number of articles.

The bargaining team made proposals for key improvements to scheduling (including call backs and shift work premiums), a simplified pay grid, fair wages and benefit improvements, but as negotiations progressed it became clear that the employer was not willing to present what in the team's view was a fair wage offer.  

The team has decided to apply for conciliation, asking the Ministry of Labour to appoint a neutral third party to attempt to help narrow the gap and reach a negotiated agreement.

Members are encouraged to contact a member of their bargaining team for more information and are reminded that the Collective Agreement remains in effect while the bargaining process is underway.