Media Release: Recent E. Coli Recall by XL Foods Confirms British Columbians Concern About Cuts To Food Inspection

VANCOUVER, Sept. 26, 2012 /CNW/ - The recent recall of ground beef products due to E. coli contamination confirms the public's concern about cuts to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, according to the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

In a recent telephone survey of 1,035 British Columbia residents 68% of respondents opposed reductions in staff responsible for food safety at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, including 48% strongly opposed and just 16% in favour, with 15% undecided.

"The XL Foods voluntary recall is the perfect example of why we need to keep and strengthen food inspection, and British Columbians are well aware of that." said Bob Jackson, PSAC Regional Executive-Vice President for British Columbia, "as a former meat inspector, I've seen first hand how CFIA has slowly allowed the meat industry to self-police themselves."

"It's obvious British Columbians are opposed to this model. The public would prefer a federally-appointed inspector - independent from the industry - inspect and monitor the meat that ends up on their plates," he continues, "The Government needs to protect and enhance our food inspection system, not make more cuts and further deregulate the industry."

Representing 185,000 workers across the country, including 16,500 in BC, PSAC is Canada's largest federal public sector union.

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Patrick Bragg, PSAC Communications, cell: (778) 889-3486

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