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Joining the Public Service Alliance of Canada

Do you feel disrespected, unsafe or unheard at work?

All workers deserve to be treated fairly and unionizing your workplace with coworkers is the strongest way to improve your working conditions, rights and benefits. The PSAC represents workers within and outside of the federal public service and welcoming new members into our union is a crucial part of building our strength and solidarity.

To have a confidential conversation and learn more about how unionizing your workplace could help you and your coworkers, please reach out to the BC Regional Organizer,

e: holdsh@psac-afpc.ca t: 778-357-0140.

Since the outbreak of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many workers are experiencing new or increased hardship at work around health and safety, discrimination and job security. You have the right to feel safe and respected at work, and attaining these rights through the strength of a union is possible! Please get in touch.

For additional information about CODIV-19 and resources for workers at this time, please refer to our national website.