PSAC Summer Campaign - We Are All Affected


I'm happy to let you know the AEC approved a national summer campaign earlier this month, to be held under the theme "We Are All Affected". The campaign, which will launch officially next week, is designed to promote the value of federal public services and is very similar to what we've been doing here in BC over the last few summers with our "Think Public" campaign.

Campaign Objectives

  • To engage PSAC members in activities to promote the value of public services
  • To obtain community support for public services

Thousands of federal public service workers are being branded "affected" and losing their jobs.We are all affected by these cuts.

  • Because we all rely on the services they provide like food inspection, Old Age Security, environmental protection, search and rescue, assistance to veterans, support for our troops, border security and transportation safety.
  • Because we are their families, friends and neighbours.
  • Because we are small businesses losing our customers.
  • Because these job cuts are bad for our country and our economy.


The following materials for the campaign have been or will be produced which can be used in workplaces and community events across the country

  • "We are all affected" buttons, stickers, window decals, and washable tattoos
  • Post cards to hand out to the public with our campaign description and website
  • Online tools such as profile pictures, shareable content, email actions
  • An "affected" letter to give to MPs
  • A dedicated section of the PSAC website with a Take Action hub, profiles of workers and community supporters, and other tools to help spread the message.
  • Profilesof public service workers and individuals in the community who benefit from public services and the workers who provide them. 

Some of these materials are now available from the Regional Offices and online at the PSAC national website here -

We ask that all PSAC Locals, Area Councils, Committees, and Components get involved in this campaign. Some ways to participate include

  • Union/Local activities and sponsorships linked to public events to spread the message and solicit community support.
  • PSAC worksite plantgates.
  • Petition/postcard drives.
  • MP Lobbying - deliver an affected letter to your local MP.
  • Outreach to small business owners, community leaders and other supporters to place "We are all affected" stickers in their windows or shops.

Along with the materials, which are available from your PSAC Regional Office, there is a limited regional budget to assist with other expenses. To access this budget please submit a brief proposal to the REVP's office.

Please contact the REVP's office, your PSAC Regional Representative, or your component for more information, materials, or assistance with organizing an event.

I look forward to working with all PSAC members in BC to make this campaign a success, and to make our voices heard - We Are All Affected by federal government cuts, privatization, and contracting out!

In Solidarity, Bob Jackson

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