COVID-19 – How to Refuse Dangerous Work webinars

PSAC BC has scheduled a webinar on the right to refuse. In order to accommodate members' schedules, this webinar will be delivered twice

  • Tuesday, May 26 – 6:00 pm PT (1 hour)
  • How to Refuse Dangerous Work (Session 1) - register online here
  • Wednesday, May 27 – 12:00 pm PT (1 hour)
  • How to Refuse Dangerous Work (Session 2) - register online here

By the end of this discussion you will understand the basic steps in refusing dangerous work. We will talk about some of the challenges in work refusals for ‘invisible’ dangers like COVID-19, and answer participant’s questions about work refusals. PSAC BC members in federally and provincially regulated workplaces and members of your household are welcome to participate.
Presenter: Sharon Barbour, PSAC Regional Representative, Health and Safety (B.C. Region)