PSAC/UNE members raise $4000 for Native Women’s Association of Canada and Sisters In Spirit

Thanks to Steve Houston, Local 20088, for this report from the Union of National Employees Human Rights Conference!

The Union of National Employees (UNE) held its triennial Human Rights Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba from October 3 – 6, 2013. The BC/YT Regional Team lead by RVP Jennifer Chieh Ho were instrumental in raising over $4,000 in donations from the sale of commemorative buttons for the Native Women’s Association of Canada in remembrance of murdered and missing women and the Sisters in Spirit Vigils.

The buttons were based on a prize winning poster painted by Vancouver UNE Local 20150 member Nadine Kirychuk.  PSAC BC Women’s Representative, Kelly Megyesi worked tirelessly with Jennifer to modify the poster image. The end result was a truly beautiful and much coveted button. Thank you Kelly for working so hard to complete the project with very short notice and rapid turnaround time

The buttons were sold by UNE Regional Human Rights Representatives as well as National Equity Representatives throughout the Conference for an unspecified donation. Members and UNE Staff generously paid up to $20.00 per button. Several buttons were signed by the artist and sold or given as gifts to guest speakers.

The UNE BC/YT Regional Team matched the total amount raised by the sale of the buttons and an invitation to the other Regions represented at the conference was extended to do so in kind. Thank you to everyone who made this donation possible! The money will be used to help families of murdered and missing women.