I'm proud of these two provincial election candidates from PSAC BC - a message from Todd Smith, PSAC Vancouver Area Council


In this provincial election, voters in BC have the opportunity to elect a government that will continue to work hard to make life better for working people like you and me – a government that will build a recovery that includes everyone, not just those at the top.

I am proud to tell you that two of our own PSAC family stepped forward to seek office in the last election. Both were successful, both have made excellent Members of the Legislative Assembly, and both are seeking re-election.

Bowinn Ma, a member of PSAC Local 20221, worked at Vancouver International Airport prior to becoming the MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale. Bowinn has worked hard to improve life for people in North Vancouver-Lonsdale in her three years as an MLA - using her experience as a Professional Engineer to improve transportation on the North Shore - and she has been a champion for housing affordability, childcare, and climate action.

Janet Routledge held a number of positions with PSAC BC, including Regional Coordinator, prior to becoming the MLA for Burnaby North. In her long career with us, Janet was on the front-line of many of the events that laid the groundwork for the rights and benefits we enjoy today – the CR strike, our battle for pay equity, and campaigns to protect indexed pensions, just to name a few. Janet has a deep understanding of the issues that are important to PSAC members like us and to all working people. This experience has served her well as the MLA for Burnaby North and she’s proud to have stood up for issues that matter in the community and to have delivered solutions that make a difference.

Bowinn and Janet are both strong candidates. However, as PSAC members know so well, victory happens when we all pull together. I encourage you to support their campaigns.

As the province begins to recover from the pandemic it is important that BC keep moving forward, not backward.
We can continue to invest in working people and good jobs, expanding public healthcare, affordable childcare, and more – or we can go back to the cuts that left us vulnerable.
You can help keep the province moving forward by supporting Bowinn, Janet, and candidates that will continue to build strong communities and support working families - and by voting in the upcoming election.
For more information about the voting process, including when and where to vote and how to request a mail in ballot, visit elections.bc.ca.

In Solidarity,
Todd Smith
President, PSAC Vancouver Area Council