Media Advisory: Workers at Parks Canada rally, call on government to do more to solve problems with the Phoenix pay system.

Pacific Rim National Park – On February 28, the second anniversary of the roll out of the federal government’s disastrous payroll system, federal public service workers are rallying to call on the government to take the concrete measures necessary to ensure they are paid correctly and on time.

  • Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018
  • Time: 4PM – 5PM
  • Location: Tofino-Ucluelet Junction, Highway 4

Two years ago the Liberal government decided to implement the pay system introduced by the former Conservative government, even though they were told it wasn’t ready. Since then hundreds of thousands of federal public service workers have suffered the consequences.

Federal government workers live in fear every day, wondering if they will be underpaid, overpaid, or not paid at all. The constant stress and financial hardship is having a terrible impact on their lives.

“Our members are angry, tired and frustrated. After two years, the government still doesn’t have a clear plan to pay us correctly and on time, every time.” says Jamey Mills, Public Service Alliance of Canada Regional Executive Vice President. “And, to make matters worse, the government is slow and short-sighted on taking measures that can ease the hardship in the meantime.”

“There are a number of concrete things that can be done right now to ease the hardship and stress federal public service workers are facing.” Mills explains, “One of the most pressing issues is an overpayment error for tens of thousands of workers. The government is asking our members to repay the gross amount, which means they are asking them to repay more money than they actually received and hope it all comes out in the wash when they file their taxes. This government has paid their employees incorrectly, and now they’re supposed to “loan” them money while they figure it out?!”

The union is also demanding that the government a commit to permanently increasing the number of compensation advisors that run the pay system and provide damages to its employees for the hardships Phoenix has caused, including untold stress, and the time spent dealing with their pay problems.

“Every day our members working at Parks Canada continue to provide Canadians high quality service, despite an employer that cannot pay them correctly and on time, and in some cases at all. These three things are the least the government can do to help them.” says Mills.

The rally by members working at Pacific Rim National Park is one of many being held by federal government workers across the country on February 28.

For more information: Patrick Bragg, PSAC Communications, cell: (778) 889-3486

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