Victoria Airport Authority Negotiations Break Off

VICTORIANegotiations between the Public Service Alliance of Canada, bargaining agent for workers at VictoriaAirport, and the Airport Authority have broken off.

“The employer has made it clear in no uncertain terms that they want to create a second class employee at the workplace”, says Bob Jackson, PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President for BC. “We have been forced to seek the assistance of a Federal Conciliation Officer in an attempt to achieve a negotiated settlement.” 

“We have met with the employer since April and we are still waiting for their side to clearly explain some of their bargaining proposals”, says Dave Clark, Regional Vice-President for the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees, a Component of the PSAC. 

There are more than 27 PSAC members employed by the Victoria Airport Authority. These members provide key services such as emergency response; customer care, runway maintenance; airfield & approach lighting; computer systems; passenger loading bridges and maintenance of airport equipment and administrative services.  

For information:  Patrick Bragg, PSAC Communications: cell: 1-(778)-889-3486, Dave Clark, RVP/UCTE: cell:  1-(778)-322-2611

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