The Guide To Involving Young Workers - a resource for PSAC Locals and Committees

The PSAC BC Young Workers Caucus has created a document designed to assist Locals in getting young workers involved and active in the Union.

The 8-page Guide To Involving Young Workers is full of tips, ideas, and resources for Local Executive members who want to engage and empower the next generation of leadership. Download it now, or contact Monica Urrutia for a supply of printed copies for your Local.

It’s about PSAC’s future

Welcome to this primer on involving young PSAC members in our Union. We’ve put this toolkit together for PSAC Locals, Area Councils, Committees and activists. As one of Canada’s biggest, strongest, and most diverse Unions, PSAC has a key role to play in shaping a brighter future for young people. To do that we need your help. We’re counting on existing PSAC activists who’ve worked hard to build our Union, to engage and empower a younger generation to take on and continue this important work.

We hope this guide will help members grow and become stronger with that work.

Why young workers?

There are many young workers already active within PSAC. However, our Union is experiencing a pretty major turnover, as members and staff retire. That’s going to have an impact on the Union, the workforce, and the public and other services many PSAC members provide.

Share the workload

Young workers are ready and willing to move in. Young people are looking for opportunities to develop more skills and contribute to others with what they already have – and looking to get involved with their Union. It’ll bring in fresh ideas, energy and a new crop of activists. Think about the benefits of having more young workers in the roles of stewards, health and safety representatives, local officers and many other excellent leadership roles within the Union.
Young workers are ready, willing and able and sharing the workload is one very good reason to bring in young members.

Read more in the Guide To Involving Young Workers - download the .pdf below.